Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You're A Cyclist When...

If one or more of the following applies, the Matrix has you...
-Water bottles are beginning to outnumber drinking glasses in your house
-Jerseys, shorts, socks, etc. get the washer before your work clothes
-Your house looks like a launda-mat on the weekends (all your jerseys drying on hangers)
-Your idea of fun is riding 25+ miles before work
-Your idea of fun is riding 25+ miles after work
-You spend one hour or more washing, degrease-ing, and re-lubing your bike and wonder where the time went
-You aren't embarrassed by (and perhaps proudly show off) your tan lines
-Sitting in front of Versus for six hours and yelling your head off at the riders during the month of July is as good as it gets
-Gels and energy chews are an essential food group
-Days off are devoted to either racing or long rides
-You keep a pump, patch-kit, tire levers, and a spare tube in your automobile in case you see someone with a flat
-You know how to get somewhere on a bike, but get lost while trying to drive there

Can you think of any other quintessential traits of a slightly obsessed fan of the bicycle?

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

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