Friday, August 27, 2010

Steady Things in Life

I'm feeling melancholy today. You've been warned.

I've tried to keep my life outside of cycling and athletics out of this blog. But, alas, real life always comes a callin'. They say there are only two certain things in life: Death and taxes. I think I'll add a third: Riding my bicycle.

Let me explain a bit. I've been riding a bike in some form or another for over three quarters of my life. I've always been athletic and have usually been happiest while being active. Hence, my choice of coursework in college and the jobs I've had since I recieved my degree have all revolved around recreation, athletics, and/or bicycling in one form or another. The problem is work has been spotty at best and non-existent at the worst since I finished school. Riding my blue bicycle these past few years has been a way for me to always have something, other than my family and friends, that I can count on.

I could be having the worst day possible (and yesterday was), and be able to throw my leg over the frame and pedal away. If I choose a route I know very well, I don't have to think much, the bike just knows where to go. It's wonderfully freeing and it's a safe place to go.

Ah, well. As Miss O'Hara once said, "Tomorrow's another day".

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eating Pavement Sucks...Again

Ugh, ouchy. If you have an aversion to descriptions of injuries, skip the third paragraph.

I was finishing a 40+ mile ride yesterday afternoon and zipping through an intersection when my front wheel got sucked into one of the gaps in the railroad tracks set into the pavement. Down I went and over the bars, too.

My right knee and leg are rashed up and swollen. My right elbow has a new hole and plenty of road rash. I wasn't wearing gloves (stupid!), thus the palms of my hands are scuffed and my right pinky knuckle is missing several layers of skin.

Reasons I'm Annoyed:
1.) This could have been avoided. I was in a hurry and cutting though the intersection on a line very close to one I'd done two days previous. Obviously, it didn't go so well this time.
2.) I wasn't wearing gloves; my hands were hot and I was trying to get some color on my "Mickey Mouse" hands. The possiblity of crashes like this are the reason you wear gloves in the first place!
3.) My injuries, while not as bad as my crash two years and 27 days ago, are in the same spots. My elbow was just starting to look a lot better and I was at peace with the nasty scars. Actually, I kinda liked them. Now, I've got to start the process all over again. Thank goodness my shoulder is only stiff and sore, not impinged like last time.
4.) Until my elbow heals a little and my shoulder can support more of my weight, I'm off the bike. It'll be at least a week, phooey.

How's my blue bicycle? Both brake levers are badly scuffed and turned inward, the shifting is carnage, and my back wheel is out of true. Thankfully, a mechanic I know is fixing it right up and it should be good to go in the morning. I'll have to make him cookies or something.

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.