Monday, February 28, 2011

Like the Terminator, She'll be back

Ah, finally! Something happy to write about in the wake of all the stuff on doping that I've been typing about for the past two months.
The next Armstrong comeback - Kristin's
Kristin's been working in the wind tunnel on her time-trial bike, preparing for the 2011 season.

I've been a fan of Kristin's ever since I tentatively dipped my toes into the pool that is road cycling back in 2004. I heard about her competing in Athens at the Olympics and how she started racing bikes after finding out she couldn't compete in triathlons due to hip issues. I was [am] impressed. Not everyone would take news like that so well, much less turn it into a stellar career the way she has.

I had the opportunity to speak to her a few times two years ago at a race I was volunteering at, you can read those posts here and I was pleasantly surprised that she was so... normal. It's amazing how often we forget that for all their accomplishments, training, and globe-trotting, professional athletes are people, too.

Good luck, Kristin! I can't wait to see how this season shakes out!

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

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