Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Monster Dash 10 Mile

For inquiring minds who want to know, I ran the 10 Mile Monster Dash in Minneapolis this morning with my mom and step-brother, Mark.

First off: It. Was. Cold. Probably around 34 degrees when I finally found spot I could legally park. Let me also say I don't like driving around Minneapolis, especially when anyone with half a brain is still snuggled in bed. And the wind? I think it was gusting up to 10 - 12 mph. Brrr! Fortunately, most of the route was sheltered by trees.

I will be one of the first to admit that I didn't prepare very well for this race. I'm usually a "fly by the seat of her pants" kind of girl. Leading up to today, the most distance I'd put on my legs at one time was about five miles.

My watch crapped out on me as soon as I hit the Start button. I had no idea what my time was or how fast I was running miles. GRRR!!!

I hung with Mom for the first two miles or so, but my legs started to feel heavy, so I slowed down to a quick walk. Let me tell you, it is a bit of a blow to one's ego when one's 50+ mother is wiping the pavement with her mid-20's daughter. ^_^

My mental game with myself sucked the first half of the race. All I could think of was that I shouldn't have been having as much trouble keeping pace as I was.

At roughly Mile Six, my left knee absolutely refused to move without shooting pain up and down my leg. I endured more limp-walking alternating with running, with tears of frustration and pain brewing in my eyes. Mile Seven saw me getting angry enough to push past the pain in my knee, turn Nickelback's "Follow You Home" way up, and run some more.

I kept my eye out for Mark and for Mom near the turn-around. Mark passed me, running quite well and not looking stressed. I saw Mom about ten minutes later and managed a "Go Mom!" when she passed me in the opposite direction. I think she yelled back, "Yeah Cait!", but I'm not sure. I was busy stuffing myself into the hurt locker.

I'm not sure I've ever been happier to see the finish line as I was this morning. I turned on the gas and even passed a few people on my way to the big orange blow-up. The emcee announced my name correctly (amazing, I know) when I crossed the finish line amongst crowds of people. Mom was standing off the the side, waiting for me to cross the line. I was a bit of a mess, as I could hardly move or put weight on my left leg with out pain, but Mom hugged me and reminded we were done and had survived. Thank goodness.

My time? 1:59:25

YES! I broke the two-hour mark; which was my goal, actually. ^_^ I'm quite proud of having survived this race and accomplished my goal. I'm already thinking I might be crazy enough to do this again.

So, the Half-Marathon next year?

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

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  1. Good job, now you rest or figure out what that shooting pain is telling you:( I hope you are recovering and so great you could share that morning with your mom!