Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Product Review: Chrome Chuey Cycling Cap

I own precisely two cycling caps.

One is a black and yellow affair with "Minnesota Bicycle Festival" embroidered on the front. It was, along with my red "Volunteers only" t-shirt, my souvenir from my week of volunteering with the Nature Valley Grand Prix this past June. I should say that since this cap is rare (I snapped up one of the last ones) I don't wear it very often, especially under a helmet.

The second is my new Chrome Chuey Cycling Cap, made especially for Chrome by Chuey Brand.
This cap is made out of a tough-weave, black cotton; like they make military ACUs out of. There's a checkered, rip-stop pattern to it that I love. I think I could drag it through WWIII (or my next bike crash) and it would still look good and function well.

The fit is excellent, it comes down just enough to grip the base of my skull and around my head. They've put just the right amount of elastic in the back to ensure a snug fit that doesn't cut off all the circulation to my brain. The bill is flexible, rather than stiff like most cycling caps. You won't be able to flip it up or down, as you traditionally would. I like it, actually. The bill is a little shorter than other cycling caps, and fits under the brim of my helmet perfectly.Peek-a-boo!

Does it keep my head warm while riding? I haven't taken the opportunity to ride outside, since we're in the depths of a Minnesota Winter. But I have no doubt that once the mercury rises above 50 degrees that I'll be out there testing it out.

Chuey hand makes every cap they sell. According to their website, Chuey is a three-person operation based in San Francisco, CA. Pretty impressive since these caps are becoming insanely popular, just check out the Flickr Photostream for the evidence.

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

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