Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Question Answered: Whey Protein vs. Soy Protein

You may think checking the headlines and articles at several times a day is a bit extreme, but it's how I stay updated on pro cycling news and amped up for cycling during the off-season.

Anyway, I've been contemplating what else I can do to up my endurance and strength on the bike, besides adding miles. I'm not a nutritionist or exercise physiologist, but I noticed that my performance, recovery, and muscle tone got better when I was using whey protein after rides in July and August. I figure that since my muscles had more protein to draw from, they were better able to rebuild themselves after me tearing them up (literally) while exercising.

It turns out that what I remember from my high school weightlifting class and my brushes with sports nutrition in college tae kwon do and cycling are correct. Check out this article regarding whey protein versus soy protein. I'm not lactose-intolerant, but this is excellent stuff to know. I can make a more educated decision when I head to GNC for protein powder.

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.

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