Monday, November 8, 2010


UPDATE 11:42pm
This thing has gone viral. Check out the Huffington Post article, note the explanation within bottom two paragraphs. If the DA's goal was to limit potential impact to this guy's job, he mis-calculated; it's blown up in his face.

This makes me sick.
Vail Daily News: Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony
Summit Daily News: DA Hurlbert won't press felony charges...

New York Times: Cyclists Fault Prosecutor's Decision Another black-eye for bikes in Colorado
BikeSnobNYC: Wheelsucking...

Wait, because this guy manages million-dollar accounts and being charged with a felony "could jeopardize his ability to pay restitution", he gets a pass on hit-and-run charges? Mr. Erzinger will be charged with misdemeanor traffic violations, but won't be charged with a felony for leaving someone broken and bleeding at the side of the road!? How is nearly killing someone with your car only a traffic violation? That's attempted manslaughter in some places! WTF!

I like BikeSnob's response to this news. A nearly perfect blend of sarcasm, anger, and his trademark dry wit: "Also, the District Attorney who dropped the charges doesn't want to cost the doughy money manager his job because 'justice in this case includes restitution and the ability to pay it.'
In other words, treating him like the criminal he is might make it slightly more difficult for him to buy his way out of this and any other future vehicular assaults, and that would be downright un-American."

I don't care what this guy does for a living; this should be about a driver hitting a cyclist, severely injuring him, fleeing the scene of the accident, and not reporting that accident to the police. Did Mr. Erzinger really think no one would know/find out what happened? What if Dr. Milo had died as a result of the crash? Would the prosecutor decline to press charges then? I rather doubt it.

Ugh, I'm going for a ride. If you hit me while I'm out there, please stop and make sure I'm okay. If I'm not okay, call the paramedics. Thank you.

Until next time, ride long and keep the rubber-side down.


  1. Ya its almost too hard to read.
    Hope you are well:)

  2. I FB'd and tweeted this, plus e-mailed it to friends who don't do social media.